Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Sorry, But I'm a Coffee Drinker

I must admit, I remember being really excited the first time I read an article about the Tea Party. How great to have a contingent of Americans stepping away from the political norm, banding together and speaking up about the ills of government. These are smart, educated, successful individuals who have a passion about the direction and role of government in our society. But as I continued to be inundated with Tea Party politics, I realized that the Tea Party misses an important part of the change they seek.

The government has a role to play in our society. I don't care how conservative a person feels about politics but to assume that government should go away is irresponsible and downright ignorant. If you have spent anytime in a developing country, you would become quickly aware of how much we take our government for granted. Transporation, Education, Food and Drug Regulations, Air and Water Quality standards, National Defense, and Research and Development. Its absurd to think that we could succeed as a nation without these things. So many countries are unable to succeed because they do not possess these attributes of government and it leaves their citizens poor, sick, uneducated, and economically weak.

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine and we were contemplating what the next American Revolution would look like. People rising up with their guns, marching on Washington, voting every incumbent out of office. Conservatives attacking liberals, Liberals attacking conservatives, rioting and looting in the streets. Of course with the Tea Party coverage by the corporate media supplemented with their own forms of propaganda, one would think that is how it will happen.

But don't drink the tea, it won't change a thing. If they wanted a revolution in government, if they truly wanted a conservative agenda, then they would be using their energies to build sustainable communities that can succeed with minimal control from Washington DC. They would focus on volunteerism to support local infrastructures. They would be focusing on giving back to their towns and neighborhoods. They would be growing their own foods to bypass government regulations and standards. They would stop buying goods from corporate America who sustain our members of Congress.

But they don't do this, so their conservative agenda is bogus. Unfortunately it is all talk and they have the corporate media on their side. I would advise the Tea Party to contemplate the words of Ghandi. "Be the change you seek."

I'm sorry, but I'm a coffee drinker these days. I am not buying the tea without the flavor.